Privacy Policy

Maritime Blockchain Labs (hereinafter referred to as “the Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) is committed to respecting the privacy of all visitors of our website (, as well as any and all third-party applications and services used by us. This privacy policy details what information we collect and how it is used.

We may collect two types of data: personal data and non-personal data. Personal data includes any information that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, email address or financial information. Non-personal data consists of anonymous statistics about our website usage patterns and other technical/usage data which does not personally identify you.

When accessing we may collect various pieces of personal information from you including your name and contact details such as email address and phone number when you register for a newsletter or create an account. We will also retain any correspondence sent between you or the Company in the course of using our services. As part of providing our services to you, we may also collect certain financial details such as your payment method information in order to process payments for products or services purchased on

We use cookies and other tracking technologies on our websites to help improve your user experience by understanding which parts of the site are most popular with visitors and how they interact with it. We may also use cookies for marketing purposes such as identifying users who have been referred through a partner website or advertising network so that we can attribute credit where due for bringing new customers to Maritime Blockchain Labs through these channels. In addition, we may use third party analytic tools like Google Analytics on our websites which set their own cookies in order to track visitor behavior on our sites over time and across different domains/websites owned by the Company.

We may share personal information with trusted partners who are working directly with us in connection with providing products or services related to Maritime Blockchain Labs including payment processing companies and marketing service providers who assist us in delivering tailored content based on visitor preferences for example when sending newsletters via email or helping us target relevant content on other websites using re-targeting pixels/ads etc.. All such partners are bound by contractual confidentiality requirements relating to their access to this data which should provide an equivalent level of protection at least equal to that provided under this Policy unless otherwise specifically stated therein.

Finally, we reserve the right to disclose personal information if required by law enforcement authorities or subpoena requests from legal bodies having jurisdiction over us where necessary for investigations into suspected criminal activity connected thereto involving breaches of public security regulations/laws etc.. In addition, some jurisdictions may require us to disclose personal information upon request from national security agencies where this is deemed necessary in accordance with applicable laws governing personal data protection rights within those territories respectively..

At Maritime Blockchain Labs we are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors regardless whether they are individuals browsing our website(s) or customers purchasing goods/services from us online – rest assured that we take great care in ensuring that every piece of personally identifiable data remains secure when interacting with Maritime Blockchain Labs either directly or indirectly through one of its partner organizations operating within regulated jurisdictions where appropriate policies are in place for managing personal data responsibly under applicable local laws throughout Europe & North America primarily though not limited exclusively thereto.. At anytime you have the right to view & delete any stored records relating directly unto yourself should be desire so doing; simply contact us directly using contact details listed thereon regarding same & we shall respond accordinglv without delay whereby exercising rights afforded thee under GDPR legislation soundly enforced within European mainland countries currently.